hookworms Hookworms attach to the dog's intestinal lining, leaving bleeding internal wounds.

Causes blood loss, anemia, and diarrhea.

As few as 100 hook worms can kill a puppy.

Eggs pass through the feces of an infected dog into the soil where
they are easily swallowed or can penetrate through a dog's feet.

These are small, thin worms that fasten to the wall of the small intestine and suck blood. Dogs get hookworm if they come in contact with the larvae in contaminated soil. As with roundworms, the hookworm larvae becomes an adult in the intestine. The pups can contract hookworms in the uterus and the dam can infest the pups through her milk.

A severe hookworm infestation can kill puppies, but chronic hookworm infection is usually not a problem in the older dog. When it does occur, the signs include diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, and progressive weakness. Diagnosis is made by examining the feces for eggs under a microscope.