Why Wellness Care?

Helping pets stay healthy and happy is our responsibility and our goal. We know first hand how special your relationship is with your friend and companion.

Just like people, pets, too, have various life stages they go through. Each stage is unique and has it's own benefits and challenges. For example, the needs of a young adult cat 4 year old cat are much different than an 18 year old cat. Another example is that juvenile dogs require much more behavioral training, than, let's say, an 11 year old dog. With the juvenile dog, more emphasis is placed on social training and with the 11 year old dog, more emphasis is placed on the early detection of subclinical diseases.

Regular, routine examinations, both internal and external, are one of the most important tools for catching the early sign of many medical problems and diseases. A slight change here or a little skin bump there may be the first signs of what could become a serious health issue later.